Google play store for windows

Google Play Store for PC  is a popular tool now a days which is used to download mobile apps in your desktops.Now you can download your favorite apps in your PC..!! Google Play applications are most wanted and highly discussed topic needed by every one wants to download their favorite apps with this tool. Smart phones are indeed the most eye catching topic  in today’s world and people wants to use latest apps in their phone and all apps you can get from Google Play Store.
If we talk today in time the  Google Play Store  does not need much to explain.It is a market for various of Android apps. It’s ancient name was the Android marketplace, but today it is synonymous with Google Play Store. It is the single place to go to for a wide series of content for Android applications. applications for every genre on this platform, whether it is ebooks, video games, magazines of favorite artists. The marketplace has gained name, fame and left all other kinds of Android marketplace.
All smartphones and tablets that run on the android platform usually have the Google Play Store application readily installed. The process of  creating a link to any app that is downloaded through this store is easily performed by following the steps:
§   log onto the Google Play Store app.
§  If having a Gmail account ,the same private documents can be used to log in.
§  Search option can be accessed to look for the app you desire
§  Some are paid or free apps and you can link your payment accounts on this app.

 Once you have paid or clicked for a free app installation, the process will begin very soon.
Something need to be taken care of is internet connectivity is working or not so that the app is downloaded within a short span of time. If you desire to have the marketplace accessible on your personal desktop, you need to know about a procedure Hence, if you need to run Google Play Store and the associated apps on your computer, follow the procedure mentioned :
Install Blue Stacks it is an Android OS emulator which can give you access to mobile apps in your computers, laptop pr MAC .
Install it in your system and follow the steps.
When you install blue stack in your system than you can enjoy simulator.
Now you can download application as Google Play Store from
Your own interface is ready to use.