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Lucky patcher non rooting(android)
Descarregar Lucky Patcher Apk  can also be used in those devices that are not rooted. There are limited features available on non-rooted devices which you can be used. And they are as follows.
1.You simply can’t uninstall junk apps from your android phone (also called as Bloatware            or pre-installed apps).
2.You can’t use Play Store mod (for which Lucky Patcher is too much popular and believe me, it’s really superb mod).
3.You can’t convert any user app to system app.
For which steps should be followed.Firstly download the latest version of lucky patcher from
Though this app has many feature for rooted android, Non-rooted android users can only enjoy following features that are offered for those whose devices are not being rooted:-
1)Create modified.apk
This feature allows you to modify the app. It can create app with custom patch applied (if available), app with ads removed and app with modified permissions and activities and the app will be stored in sd card. Then you have to install this modified app, before this make sure you have checked Unknown sources in your device’s setting.
2)Backup App.
You can backup app only(means no data)
3)Hack in app purchases.
The main feature is hacking in app purchases.
Step 1: Custom patch process: If you want to modify an app then
Open the app
Tap on your desire app
Select  menu of patches
Tap on “create modified apk file”
Select “custom patch applied apk”
Press Apply, it will take some time.
Now you will have to  modifiy apk file of that app
Then go to modified file of lucky patcher
Locate the app and select
Tap on rebuild and Install
Step 2: Remove Google ads :
Open the app
Select your desire app
Open menu of patches
Then tap on “Apk without ads”
It will take some time, because Lucky patcher created  a modified apk file earlier.
After that rebuild the app.
Now you have Google ads free app!
Step 3: Remove License verification:
Open the app
Select the app you want to verify
Go to menu of patches
Select Apk without license verification
Apply, and wait to finish
Then again rebuild the app.

Step 4: Hack in- app purchase:
There process is same in both rooted and Non rooted device in this case
 If all the process is being done in the manner specified then a windows will be displayed in green color otherwise red


Tu tu hack for pokemon go


The version that is available on tutuapp is a cracked version. You can install it on your phone but you may face some problems while installing this. So, if you do, remember that it is a hacked app. If it runs properly then well and good and if it doesn’t then don’t be disappointed because there are other hacks you can try for pokemon go.

Hack for pokemon GO

Pokemon GO is the first game within the pokemon franchise to finaly be available on android basede on the animated cartoon show pokemon  describing aysh’s journey of being a pokemon master with his friends mystie and brock by capturing the pokemons, training them and arranging a fight between them to chexk who is the strongest.
Tutuapp is a chinese appstore that is popular now a days. It has a handful amount of hacks and cracked apps for android and iOS for free. Pokemon Go hack is only available on this appstore which has become the major source of popularity for this app store. Tutuapp Pokemon GO hack is driving a huge amount of visitors to this chinese app store. You receive a joystick and some other mods merged in this hacked pokemon go version.

Pokemon GO hack installation steps


1.If you face any kind of problem while signing in with your google account. Sign in with Pokemon Trainer account by making pokemon trainer account on Pokemon Club.
2.Before starting to play make sure you have placed the co-ordinates on the map.  

For Android without Root

·         First of all unlock your device and make sure you have a great internet connectivity
·         Install tutu app on your device from the instructions provided in the link below.
·         Once you have installed tutuapp. Open it from the apps menu,You will see a pokemon go game widget.
·         Tap on the green button next to it.The device will prompt you to open it in browser, select any browser, or if it doesn’t then it’ll directly open in a browser.
·         Now Pokemon GO app will start to download. Tap yes if a dialogue box appears asking for permission
·         Once tu tu app Pokemon Go is downloaded. Click and install the gamne
·         Now, visit the app list and run the chinese Pokemon Go hacked game.